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Bayou Jesus

No power on earth could save them from their sins.

Frank Potter, a young, divinely-inspired black man, and Samson Boudreaux, a white man of great power and greater weakness, live in a house of haunted women. And when the possibilities of miracle surrounding Frank become all too real, a tragedy of Christ and consequence unfolds in the American Deep South during the years of the Great Depression.

Bayou Jesus will please any lover of quality American literature. Trying to encompass the Jesus of Miller’s bayou is like riding a lightning bolt: a flash followed by thunder, a memory when all others fade.” -A.M. Stickel, The Pedestal Magazine; a project of the North Carolina Arts Council, funded in part by the National Endowment for the Arts.

Bayou Jesus maintains a degree of hope and grace throughout. I have come out of reading it with a heady wonderment regarding justice, regret and sanctification.” –Winterkori, London, UK

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“Mama always did hate me.”

For Caroline Turner, life was over. Recently divorced and financially ruined, she had no choice but to move back home and care for her invalid mother. But Mama was so cruel and vindictive that she made every minute a living nightmare.

Care-taking can really put a damper on a girl’s social life, too, so who could blame Caroline for what she did? It was only a little tranquilizer, only a little rope. And Mama didn’t really need all that money of hers, anyway…

“Chilling! Miller has created a riveting tale of murder in this adrenalin-charged page-turner. You’ll wonder what could possibly happen next. Murderous is amazing!” -Jann Robbins, author of Harold and Me: My Life, Love, and Hard Times With Harold Robbins

Available Fall 2015


7 devilsSeven Devils

Hell is empty, and all the devils are here.

There’s a fine line between heaven and hell, and Simon Duchane is trapped somewhere between.

Six missionaries and a saved prostitute enter the jungles of South America to bring the word of the Lord to the savages. But a few bad words can make savages of anyone.

And when heaven meets hell and the sacred grows profane, Simon must somehow survive the unspeakable, and find the God who sentenced them all to damnation.

“Vivid, haunting. A story of moral, spiritual and sexual conflict, Seven Devils is filled with captivating dialogue and adventure. A literary masterpiece that will leave readers awestruck.” -August McLaughlin, author of In Her Shadow

“Compelling characters, dynamic language that stimulates the senses. Seven Devils takes the reader on a journey to the center of the spiritual universe and visits every human strength and weakness along the way.” -John T. Biggs, author of Popsicle Styx.

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